21 Stress Management Techniques That Work (According to Scientific Research)

Are you looking for stress management techniques that get results?

If so, you’re going to LOVE this infographic. That’s because it highlights 21 relaxation techniques that have been put to the test by academic researchers – and found to ACTUALLY WORK.

Of course, you’ll need to try them for yourself to see if they bring your stress levels down. But armed with this list, you’ve got a menu of practical strategies you can road-test today.


How to overcome your fear of flying: a therapist explains

Fear of Flying School interview

When you think about how to overcome your fear of flying, do you wonder what the secret to success is?

It turns out that for most people, there are MULTIPLE things.

But what are they?

And should they be dealt with in a SPECIFIC order?

To find out, don’t miss this interview with New York therapist, Nathan Feiles.


Overcoming fear of flying: a goal-achievement expert shows you how

Overcoming Fear of Flying: A Goal-Achievement Expert Shows How

Dr Heidi Reeder

Do you know what separates people who succeed at overcoming their fear of flying from those who don’t?

It’s commitment.

In other words, you’ll only reach your goal if you’re DETERMINED to do so.

After all, it takes guts to put yourself in feared situations over and over again.

But what is ‘commitment’? And how can you get it (then keep it alive)?

Those questions (and many others) are the subject of a new book that’s getting loads of attention right now.


Airplane turbulence: a pilot explains why you can relax

Fear of Flying School interview

Many of you have told me that turbulence is the thing you fear most.

That’s despite the fact that it DOES NOT represent a threat to your plane.

In fact, there are NO examples in recent decades of a plane crashing thanks to turbulence.

So why do people hate it?

I think it’s because they don’t know what it is. And in the absence of FACTS, negative thoughts go unchallenged.


Flying anxiety – Harvard research shows meditation may help

Dr Sara Lazar

Research at Harvard University suggests you can slash your day-to-day anxiety levels by doing meditation.

That’s HUGE news if you hate flying. Why?

Because if you cut the amount of anxiety you carry around, it’s likely you’ll feel less nervous about stepping foot on a plane.

That’s why, when I first tackled my own fear of flying, I spent time each day doing relaxation exercises. And I still do.

So WHY does meditation make you less anxious?