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  1. Daniel Balfour


    Just finished reading your book, cover-to-cover. This is hands down the uncontested bible to getting over FoF. I know because I’ve read, watched and heard pretty much the whole gamut. I definitely intend to apply your approach. It’s spot on.


    1. Tim Benjamin

      Hey Daniel – glad to hear you’re finding it useful 🙂

  2. Eve G

    I really enjoy reading the transcript.
    I agree with the Pilot about informing passengers that turbulence is coming.
    I think as a passenger if I hear the captain’s voice it makes me feel more comfortable and assured. I am an apprehensive passenger

    1. Tim Benjamin

      I agree Eve – hearing the pilot is very reassuring. I especially like it when they step into the cabin to do the pre-flight talk (I’ve seen that on Virgin America and Austrian Airlines).

  3. Jasmine

    Excellent info, it helps me, understand why all of a sudden I have a fear of flying, thank u very much. Very informative.

    1. Tim Benjamin

      No problem Jasmine – I’m glad to hear it’s helped you 🙂

  4. Doug

    Hi. About 8 years ago my father suffered an aneurism while I was out west on business. I got a call from fsmily and freaked out. I remember sitting in the bar drinking wine and cigarettes and got on a plane from Seattle to Atlanta. I passed out. I got on the plane in Atlanta and there it went. I had a massive panic attack. I could not sit and grabbed the hand of a guy next to me cause I was scared. After the plane took off I was so distraught I got up grabbed a bottle of water and for the 45 min flight I paced the cabin drinking water. I made it home. However a few weeks later I got a call to go on another business trip. I got on the plane and just as they were shutting the door I jumped up from the window seat feeling claustrophobic and got off the plane. The experience was horrendous and this incident has prevented me from flying now for 8 years and impacted my career. I have recently decided I cannot allow this to ruin my career any longer. I am 53 yrs old and I used to travel extensively all over the world and never had any issue. Can u help me understand this.

    1. Tim Benjamin

      Hey Doug – I’d start by reading this.

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