How a plane gets lift – as explained by an airline captain

Fear of Flying School interview

Does a part of you STRUGGLE with the idea that getting airborne is a NATURAL thing for an aircraft to do?

If so, you’re going to LOVE today’s interview.

Because by the end of it, you’ll understand the simple forces that lift your plane safely into the sky. And keep it there.

Revealing the secrets of lift is Captain Jeff Nielsen who flies for a major US airline and blogs at AirlinePilotGuy.

In this podcast, Captain Jeff will explain to you:

  • What ‘lift’ actually is.
  • How wings create lift.
  • How wings create ENOUGH lift to take-off.
  • How a plane stays in the air.
  • How lift is affected by turbulence.
  • How lift is reduced to allow a plane to land.
  • What to look out for on your next flight.
  • And more.

Quick question for you…

Is there a part of you that doesn’t quite accept it’s natural for a plane to be held up by air?

Share your story in the comments.

Does a part of you watch in disbelief as huge planes manage to takeoff? Have there been certain aspects of lift that you’ve found difficult to get your head around? Be as specific as possible – the more you share with the community the better we can all conquer our fears.

And finally…

Do you know someone who’d benefit by hearing this interview? If so, please share it with them. I’ll appreciate it – and so will they.

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