How to Stop Panic Attacks 101

FOF panic 101 logoAmongst people who dread flying, one of the most common fears is of having an in-flight panic attack.

After all, what’s scarier than the thought of being TRAPPED in the situation that freaks you out?

While you might wonder how on earth anyone could overcome this fear, it turns out that you can.

But how?

The trick is to make friends with panic. In other words, rather than trying to run from it, you must learn to EMBRACE it.

Why embracing panic is the best way to kill it

Here’s the deal:

The more comfortable you get with panic attacks, the LESS scary they become. And when they seem less scary, guess what happens?

Your chance of having one is SLASHED.

So when should you start dealing with your fear of panic?

Today. Because the sooner you get cracking, the quicker you’ll get results.

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