Flying anxiety – Harvard research shows meditation may help

Dr Sara Lazar

Research at Harvard University suggests you can slash your day-to-day anxiety levels by doing meditation.

That’s HUGE news if you hate flying. Why?

Because if you cut the amount of anxiety you carry around, it’s likely you’ll feel less nervous about stepping foot on a plane.

That’s why, when I first tackled my own fear of flying, I spent time each day doing relaxation exercises. And I still do.

So WHY does meditation make you less anxious?


Air turbulence: two experts debunk the myths

Air turbulence experts Dr Bruce Carmichael and Dr Bob Sharman

Dr Bruce Carmichael and Dr Bob Sharman

Does air turbulence reduce you to a gibbering wreck?

If so, this interview could be a GAME-CHANGER for you.

Joining me are two of the world’s top experts in the field of aviation weather research.

Dr Bruce Carmichael is the Director of the Aviation Applications Program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

His colleague, Dr Bob Sharman, is Project Scientist with the Program.

Their work focuses on how to get better weather information into the hands of people like pilots and air-traffic controllers.


Aircraft lift explained – by an Oxford Professor

Professor Holger Babinsky

Professor Holger Babinsky

Do you feel there’s something UNNATURAL about a giant plane being held up by thin air?

If so, you owe it to yourself to discover the very real – and very powerful – force that makes it happen. I’m talking about lift.

Why do you need to get your head around lift?

Because if you feel there’s something mysterious about how planes stay in the air, you’ll ALWAYS find air travel Hellish.