Meet the fearful flyer who became a pilot

Fear of Flying School interview

Have you ever wondered whether it’s REALLY possible to overcome your fear of flying?

If so, DO NOT miss this interview.

Judith Whitmore used to be scared stiff of flying. In fact, she would avoid it like the plague.

But sometimes she HAD to get on a plane. And in those situations, she would spend MONTHS worrying about her upcoming flight.

One day she decided that her fear was undermining her quality of life SO much, she had to act.

That’s when she took up flying lessons.

Fast-forward to today and Judith now holds a commercial pilots licence to fly business jets.


How a plane gets lift – as explained by an airline captain

Fear of Flying School interview

Does a part of you struggle with the idea that getting airborne is a NATURAL thing for an aircraft to do?

If so, you’re going to LOVE today’s interview.

Because by the end of it, you’ll understand the simple forces that lift your plane safely into the sky. And keep it there.

Revealing the secrets of lift is Captain Jeff Nielsen who flies for a major US airline and blogs at AirlinePilotGuy.


Why you need to fly lots

Fear of Flying School

To get the best results, you need to fly as often as possible.

This will allow you to take the confidence built up in one flight then quickly apply it to the next.

In contrast, if you don’t fly often, you’ll never move beyond first base.

That’s because the learnings from each flight will be forgotten before you take the next one. The result?

Each flight will feel as scary as the last. So how often is best?


What results can you achieve?

Fear of Flying School

Do you wonder whether your fear of flying is treatable?

If so, the good news is this: you can reduce it a lot.

But before I go into detail, you first need to understand that in treating your ‘fear of flying’ you’re actually tackling two things: ‘anxiety and ‘fear’.

‘Anxiety’ relates to how you feel when anticipating a future event. For example, how you feel when thinking about an upcoming flight.

Meanwhile, ‘Fear’ refers to how you feel when you’re actually in a feared situation. For example, how you feel during taking off.

Why do I mention this?


Why you should use baby steps to face your fears

Fear of Flying School

To get over your phobia, you’ll eventually have to get on a flight.

Then feel – and face down – your fears.

For most people, this is grim news.

After all, they’d rather be cured without having to step foot on a plane.

But sadly, that option doesn’t exist. Why?

Because the only way to stop fearing something is to spend lots of time in its presence.

By doing that – then witnessing that nothing bad happens to you – your fearfulness will gradually fade away.