TV presenter reveals how she beat her fear of flying

Kim D'Eon

Kim D'Eon

If you hate flying, you’ll REALLY relate to this.

Kim D’Eon is a Canadian TV presenter. And a former fearful flyer.

In this candid interview, she describes how her fear developed – and how she successfully got it under control.

When you listen to Kim’s story, you’ll discover:

  • How her fear started.
  • What worried her most.
  • Her struggle with panic attacks.
  • The crisis that forced her to get her fear under control.
  • The methods she successfully used.
  • How she finds air travel now.
  • And MUCH more.

Your experience…

Do any of Kim’s experiences mirror your own? If so, tell us in the comments.

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  1. ANNA

    Great interview and some useful tips. I found myself relating to so many things Kim has mentioned, including the images of a plane falling and how the passengers would feel. For me I have sort of managed to keep it under control, although some flights are definitely better than others, I guess depending on my stress levels overall. Thank you for your work and your website!

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